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Personal Information Protection Notification

In accordance with stipulations of Article 8, Paragraph 1, of the Personal Information Protection Act, the GLORIA Hotel Group’s GLORIA OUTLETS (may be referred to collectively as appropriate in the context as “we”, “us”, “our” or the “Company”) hereby notify you of the following:

I. Purpose of personal information collection

We collect your personal information for the purposes of marketing, delivering publicity materials, membership benefits and information, consumer protection, consumer/ customer management and service, online shopping and other e-commerce services, accounts management, contract/ quasi-contract or other legal relations between the parties, investigation/ statistical and research analysis, information and database management, personal information collection, processing and use by non-government agencies to fulfill legal obligations; and we process and use your personal information within the scope of the foregoing purposes.

II. Type of personal information

The Website collects the following types of personal information:
  • Personally identifiable information: Name, job title, residential address, work address, home telephone number, mobile telephone number, mailing and registered address, email, etc.
  • Government identification information: Identity card number, tax identity number, passport number, etc.
  • Personal description: Age, gender, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, etc.
  • Household information: Marital status, etc.
  • Residence and facilities: Home address.
  • Immigration status: Passport, etc.
  • Recreational activities and interests: Hobbies, sports and other interests.
  • Lifestyle: Types and details of items/services purchased and personal spending pattern.
  • Occupation.
  • Qualification or skill: Academic qualification, etc.

III. Methods of obtaining and using personal information

  • When you use interactive functions, such as customer feedback and collaboration proposal, the Website will retain the personal information you have provided in order to contact you.
  • When you wish to register as a member on the Website, the Website will request for your membership-related personal information.
  • We will request for your personal information in accordance with the requirements of the services provided or the events organized by the Website.
  • When you are visiting the Website, the server will automatically record your activities, including your IP address, usage time, browser used, browsing history and mouse clicks, as reference for improving the Website’s service; such records are for internal use only and will not be disclosed to the public.
  • To provide more precise service, we will conduct statistical analysis of the contents of questionnaire surveys.
  • Unless we have your permission or we are specifically required by law to do so, the Website will not disclose your personal information to third party or use it for any purpose other than those that are set.
out in the Privacy Policy, except in the following situations:
When we organize a joint event with other third party, we will need to share and transmit your information to the third party in order to provide you with the related service. You should consider whether you want to participate in such an event. By choosing to participate in such an event, you understand and agree to provide your personal information to the third party that jointly organize or co-organize the event.
When we are required to provide your personal information by authority of the law, court order, administrative investigation or other legal procedures.

IV. Duration, territory and method of using personal information

  • Duration: In accordance with stipulations of Article 3 of the Personal Information Protection Act, you are entitled to the following rights with respect to your personal information with us: Unless otherwise stipulated in the Privacy Notice, you may terminate your membership with us at any time. The duration in which your personal information is used is from the date you become our member until you request us to delete, or stop collecting, processing or using, your personal information.
  • Territory: Taiwan and places where entities doing business with us are located.
  • Method: By automated machines or other non-automated methods.

V. Counterparties of personal information use

Counterparties of your personal information use include the Company, the Company’s affiliates, contractors, outsourcing vendors, our joint marketers or co-promoters, and agencies or competent authorities with legal authority to conduct investigation.

VI. Protection of personal information

  • All servers used by the Website are equipped with information security systems, including firewall and anti-virus software, and the required stringent protective measures, to protect the Website and your personal information.
  • The Website will use relevant technology to endeavor to prevent the loss, theft or tampering of your personal information. However, the Website is not in any way liable for any loss, theft or tampering of your personal information due to any reason not attributable to the Website.
  • When the Website sends commercial information or email, the sender information will be indicated on the mail, and the method, explanation or link that will allow customers to stop receiving the message will be included in the information.

VII. Exercising rights to personal information

You may notify the Website of your request to exercise the following rights in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. However, if you do not provide the Website with the necessary information, you may not have full access to the Website’s services or you may not be able to use the Website’s services at all.
  • Request to inquire or review your personal information
  • Request to duplicate your personal information
  • Request to supplement or correct your personal information
  • Request to stop collection, processing or use of your personal information
  • Request to delete your personal information

VIII. Freedom to choose whether to provide personal information

You may choose whether to provide personal information. However, if you choose not to provide personal information, we will not be able to conduct the necessary review and processing, and will not be able to provide the relevant membership service.

I. Use of cookie

  • A cookie is a small file that the website server writes into the user’s computer hard drive when the user is visiting the Website. It is used to verify user’s identity and access user-related account information.
  • When you visit our Website, we will use cookies to collect data of your visit in order to provide you with more convenient and personalized services. Analysis of such data also provides reference for us to improve our service.
  • You may change your acceptance of cookies on your browser settings. If you reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some of our personalized services or participate in some events.

II. Use of web beacon

  • A web beacon is an electronic image file, such as a one-pixel (1x1) file or GIF file. A web beacon can identify certain information types on a user’s computer in order to calculate a website or webpage’s usage level, or it can be used to identify your interactions on the Website.
  • We use web beacons and other tools on our webpages, and in the HTML newsletters or promotional information (EDM) we sent to you, to collect information of your usage on our Website and newsletter interactions.
  • You may choose not to download the electronic image attached to the emails. However, this may not necessary deactivate web beacon or other automatic information collection tools in the emails as functions of each email software may vary.
This Notice will be revised at any time in response to amendments to related laws and regulations, the Website’s policy or other environmental changes. The revised terms and conditions will be posted on the Website to notify customers. If you have any question regarding the Privacy Policy, please email our customer service or call our hotline at (03)273-8666.