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Business Philosophy

The GLORIA HOTEL GROUP has endeavored to provide high-quality accommodation and diverse food and beverage service. In recent years, strategic expansion has given it a diversified business presence that spans hospitality, food and beverage, property management, management consulting, and retail business. The Group mainly comprises of the, HOTEL QUOTE Taipei, GLORIA RESIDENCE, GLORIA MANOR, HOTEL PROVERBS TAIPEI, HWA-YOUNG DIMSUM, GLORIA PROPERTY MANAGEMENT, and GLORIA MANAGEMENT CONSULTING, and GLORIA OUTLETS.

What is an outlet?

The term “outlet” first originated during the 1970’s in the United States. In the beginning, factories would sell leftover stock from their warehouses, which gradually evolved into factory outlets that sold excess inventory, odd-sizes and out-of-season goods. Factory outlets offered customers great bargains, but they were located in remote areas with low-cost construction and few customer amenities.
In recent years, outlets have become popular shopping destinations. Outlets offer everyday discounted prices on leading retail brands, as well as restaurants and cafes, recreational facilities, and an array of customer services. Since most outlets are located in suburban areas, many of them have open-air, landscaped courtyards, water features, outdoor seating and more, creating a comfortable and spacious shopping environment and a unique escape from the city.